Own Your Mother Power

The new year means so many different things to many people. In 2015 and beyond, I would like to help moms own their mother power. Starting a family is an incredibly big deal and mothers across the world must rise to the challenge in order to enjoy the gifts in-store for their families.

As a mother, you will sometimes find yourself on difficult paths. Days and nights can be filled with things that you were not expecting. Know that they were meant for you as part of your life's experiences and they will prepare you for the future. In parenting, you must keep an open mind because some things you will find hard to wrap your head around and other things you will have to wait to understand. In the meantime, know that joy is a given even though on some days it doesn't feel that way.

Along your mothering journey, the abundance of unearthed information you find within yourself will empower you to become more present in everything you do. Instead of giving into the side of doom, push forward and "own your mother power." By mother power, I mean a mom learning what it takes to be the best woman and mother she can become while learning to rise above all her daily challenges. When she leaves the irrelevant events behind her and does the work, she will be encouraged with the results and feel confident in her own skin. Here are some ways to help you step into your mother power.

Design Your Support Team

Swallow your pride and ask for help. The sooner you realize you need it, the better your life will be. Ask for it, pay for it, beg a little for it too! You must reach out to someone or you will suffer in silence. A new mommy must have some people in her corner. If she ends up with only one person, then that may be all she needs. Moms can have that person as a sounding board on challenging days and call upon them to bounce her ideas off of. The newness of motherhood does not often feel sensible and lots of moms tend to second-guess themselves. So a helping hand is necessary to assure her that she will get better and stronger. She also needs someone to check-in with to see how her mood is, how she is progressing with self-care, and the care of her baby.

Go For Your Goals

Now that you have support, feel free to begin to incorporate some of the parts of you that are missing. Once you feel in your gut that you can trust someone to leave your baby with for two hours, take yourself for a walk and use that time to think out loud. It's a good time to reassess your life goals. Take in what it feels like now that you are closer to the woman that you want to be than you were yesterday. With that information, you must continue to follow your true intensions and keep moving forward into the parenting stratosphere.

Find Your Balance

Sometimes the challenges you face will make you feel off-center. When your equilibrium is out of balance, begin deep breathing, meditating, praying, stretching or whatever you do that will help you feel centered and less anxious. As you push through each day working on yourself, you will become the master of your emotions. You will conquer the things that make you feel less alive and you will become stronger in ways you had no idea you could.

Make Time For Love

Life as it happens in the parenting world can be so hectic that time appears to fly by and moms feel there are not enough hours in their day to work with. This is when you should become best friends with time management. Happy babies have happy parents. So once a mom knows how to organize the day really well, she can make time for adult fun in bed. You will feel more cared for, happy, and excited to end the day with your partner. You will share a bond and enjoy each other, knowing there is much more where that came from. This is a treat parents can look forward to that will help them get through all the kinks along their journey as they de-stress.

Just Be

In this time of great change and growth, a mother needs to be aware of what and who challenges her position in any way. Understand that people usually are well-meaning, but only you can determine what will work best for your life overall. Be patient and know your limits when taking in other people's chatter. Politely let them know that you are tired, excuse yourself, and just be.

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