Man Shoots Alleged Robber, Bystander As Others Grab Stolen Cash

Chaos on a Philadelphia street.

A laundromat owner in Philadelphia shot an alleged robber on the street as he fled Sunday ― just part of the chaos that unfolded during the pursuit.

Bullets also hit a bystander while others at the scene scooped up the $2,000 in stolen cash that the suspect tossed in the air as he ran, WPVI reported.

Cops say the suspect had robbed the laundromat owner at knifepoint, according to WPVI. The robber left with the money and the owner grabbed his revolver and gave chase.

An observer, Angel Perez, told the local NBC affiliate that the proprietor yelled for the suspect to stop several times. That’s when he opened fire, hitting the alleged thief twice in the chest and striking a 51-year-old woman in the hand.

Meanwhile, neighbors who had ducked for cover then descended on the sidewalk to scoop up the cash the suspect had left behind.

The owner was not charged in the shooting, CBS Philly noted. Investigators say the owner saw the suspect turn and raise his hand during the pursuit, prompting the proprietor, a licensed gun owner, to fear that the suspect had a weapon, WPVI reported.

Police on Tuesday told The Huffington Post that the name of the suspect would not be released at this point because he was hospitalized and could not be officially charged yet.  Police would also not make public the owner’s name unless he were to be charged.

As of Monday afternoon, police said the suspect was in critical condition and the woman was stable, noted.

Philadelphia police urged those who picked up the stolen money to return it ― or possibly face charges themselves.

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