The Best Way To Own 10 Totally Awkward Moments

Even if you can’t admit that you’re a slightly...awkward person, you're bound to stumble upon a few uncomfortable moments here and there.

Whether it's as simple as an ungraceful trip (to the ground, not in economy class) or as intricate as the dance of "walk-balking," it often seems that there's no way to come out on top of the situation -- except to just OWN it.

To help you deal with these unavoidable awkward scenarios, we've partnered with Sanuk, the footwear brand that makes sure you’re never uncomfortable, to bring you awesome ways to totally own the moment. You’re welcome!

1. When you wave at someone who is actually waving at the person behind you


Own it: Your hand is already suspended in mid-air, so pretend you are royalty and grace everyone you see with a genteel wave. Confused onlookers will have no choice but to nod politely...and frantically google you once you’re out of range.

2. You trip in the most public and non-graceful way possible


Own it:Immediately launch into a set of burpees. Everyone will applaud your creation of an all-terrain exercise regimen.

3. Opening the bathroom stall when someone is still -- er -- doing their business


Own it: Withdraw immediately, with eyes fixed on the ground. Ask your new friend if they’d like any additional toilet paper -- or a refreshment.

4. When you hug someone who was leaning in for a handshake


Own it: Everyone needs a hug, so lean in, confident in the knowledge that you, Hugger, make life better for the poor, reserved Handshakers of the world. (If necessary, reduce intimacy with a back-pat.)

5. When you walk-balk, otherwise known as sidewalk salsa, otherwise known as the least dangerous game of Chicken ever played


Own it: Choose a direction, build up a head of steam and refuse to compromise. Your unbridled confidence will force the other, lesser walk-balker to head the other direction.

6. When you go in for a high five and receive a fist bump in return


Own it: Grab their fist and shake it, then continue into an elaborate best friend handjive (that only you know).

7. When no one tells you there’s food stuck in your teeth


Own it: Shout “yum, leftovers!” to whoever was kind enough to point the food out to you.

8. Being told you’re completely mispronouncing a word


Own it: Say you have not, in fact, been mispronouncing the word, but have instead been using the British pronunciation. Then quickly continue the conversation so no one can question your reasoning. (Be sure to never make the same mistake again.)

9. When your parents walk in the room at the most inappropriate part of a movie


Own it:Explain to your parents that you are, in fact, an adult. It’s also not your fault they possess an uncanny ability to walk in during each and every sex scene. Insinuate that they are the ones seeking out inappropriate movie moments.

10. Running into your ex when you’re clearly not looking your best


Own it: We give up. There is actually no way to own this. We advise using a nearby pole or trash can for cover, and making a quick escape.