"Owning The Weather"; Exclusive Clip From New Documentary About Weather Modification (VIDEO)

Set to screen at the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, "Owning the Weather" is a documentary about the pursuit of weather modification in the United States. Given our global concern for climate change, weather modification and geoengineering efforts have become more widely discussed -- but not without controversy.

According to the "Owning the Weather" website:

There are now more than fifty active weather modification programs in the United States alone. Through the eyes of key individuals in the front lines of a crucial but largely unknown debate, the film introduces the cloud seeders struggling for mainstream recognition, the "legitimate" scientists who doubt them, and the activists who decry any attempts to mess with Mother Nature


The film will be available to national audiences via cable Video-on-Demand, iTunes, Amazon.com, and Netflix.

WATCH this exclusive short clip:


Owning the Weather is now available on Amazon. The film will be released on iTunes later this week. It premieres in New York on 12/17. It will also be screened on 1/7 in New York.

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