Oxford Dictionary Online New Words For 2012 Include 'Vajazzle'

We've endured serious debates in the HuffPost Style office over how to spell "vajazzled." Honestly. We wish we were kidding but we're not.

But some lovely spelling nerd from the Oxford Online Dictionary, the Oxford English Dictionary's cooler little sister, must've overheard our ongoing arguments (vajazzle? vagazle?), because this year's additions to the Oxford Dictionary Online include an official spelling -- and definition! -- of the word. It's "vajazzled" with a j and the official definition is as follows:

vajazzle, v.: adorn the pubic area (of a woman) with crystals, glitter, or other decoration.

But the lovable Oxford wonks didn't stop there! For the sake of fashion bloggers everywhere, they've officially enshrined some more of our favorite phrases into the ODO:

tweeps, pl. n.: a person’s followers on the social networking site Twitter (As in, "Good night, tweeps! Love you all xx")

totes, adv.: totally (As in, "Girl, that bag is totes amaze. Where did you get it?")

ridic, adj.: ridiculous (abbrev.) (As in, "Have you seen Paul Ryan's shirtless pic? Seriously, his abs are ridic.")

lolz, pl. n.: fun, laughter, or amusement (As in, "Thanks for the many LOLZ.")

genius, adj. [new sense]: very clever or ingenious (As in, "The way Dries Van Noten mixes prints is, like, totally genius.")

It should be noted that "OMG," "LOL," "mankini" and "jeggings" were already added last year. No word if P'Trique was consulted on any of the new additions.

This year the Oxford Online Dictionary has also recognized the word "soul patch" (soul patch, n.: a small tuft of facial hair directly below a man’s lower lip). Unfortunately someone neglected to tell them that it's basically an irrelevant phrase, given the style hasn't been trendy in five decades.

Vajazzling, on the other hand, is still going strong. Just ask Jennifer Love Hewitt.

See what other abbreves (sp? Oxford Dictionary dudes, help us!!) were given official status this year at OxfordDictionaries.com.

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