Student Transforms College Rejection Letter Into Viral Work Of Art

"I just thought it was a bit of a bummer not to get in. I felt like making it into something."

This student just transformed a negative into a positive in the most beautiful way.

When Claudia Vulliamy found out that the prestigious Oxford University in England had turned her down for a place on its classics course Wednesday, she was understandably disappointed.

But she didn’t get downhearted. Instead, the 18-year-old student at Camden School for Girls in London hacked up the letter of rejection and worked it into a painting.

Her mom, Louisa Saunders, posted the above photograph of her creation on Twitter, and the image is now going viral.

“When I got home to see the painting, I laughed, because it was funny and also sassy,” Saunders told The Huffington Post on Saturday.

“It was nice, because I could see that she wasn’t feeling too sad about the rejection. I know it breaks some people’s hearts,” she added. “I really admired her spirit, but I wasn’t very surprised because it’s fairly typical of her ― she’s always been creative.”

Saunders’ Twitter feed was soon flooded with positive comments about her daughter’s inspired work of art:

Vuilliamy, meanwhile, told HuffPost she was “really surprised” that her artwork went viral, but she’s “so glad that it has cheered people up.”

Usually social media can be quite brutal but it made my week,” she added to ITV News. “I just thought it was a bit of a bummer not to get in. I felt like making it into something.”

She now hopes to study at Durham University ― and continues posting new artwork, such as the piece below depicting her mom, to Instagram:

My mum, in acrylic #art

A photo posted by Claudia Vulliamy (@flamboyant_aesthete) on

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