9 Oxtail Recipes You Should Make

Oxtail is not the most popular cut of meat out there, but it's definitely a perfect one to be enjoying during the winter months. Because oxtail recipes are exactly what you want to be eating right now.

Oxtail, in case you're not familiar, is exactly what it sounds like -- the tail of an ox (though now it also includes the tail of a cow). The tail is cut into sections which include a tailbone with some marrow in the center, and a bony portion of meat surrounding the tail. Thanks to the marrow and the high fat content, oxtail becomes fork-tender and immensely flavorful after cooking.

Oxtail recipes are almost always braises and stews, as the meat is best when slowly cooked. But, trust us, the time put into it will be well worth it once you taste the finished dish.

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Oxtail Recipes

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