Oymyakon, The World's Coldest Inhabited Place (PHOTOS)

You think you're cold?

The remote Russian town of Oymyakon (in the northeast corner of the country) has a weather forecast of -15°C for the next few days, earning it the nickname "Pole of Cold." (In February 1933, a temperature of -67.7°C, or -90°F, was recorded at the weather station there, making it the lowest temperature ever recorded in the northern hemisphere, according to the Telegraph). This isn't the coldest temperature recorded, however; the South Pole's polar plateau average temperature is -49.4°C, according to Lonely Planet.

Nevertheless, Oymyakon is still the coldest inhabited place because people actually live there. The town even boasts the usual haunts: schools, a post office, a bank and an airport runway (though it's only open in the summer.)

If Oymyakon doesn't seem like your cup of tea (why would it?), you could instead head to 10 of the world's hottest destinations.

Coldest Inhabited Place On Earth