Oyster Recipes That Are Shucking Easy For Anyone To Make

Happy National Oyster Day, y'all!

Slurp 'em raw off the shell, grill them with sriracha or fry them up for an irresistible po'boy. Just make sure you give oysters their time in the spotlight in some way on August 5th, to celebrate National Oyster Day.

Undoubtedly, not everybody likes to chow down on the chewy mollusk -- it takes a special palate and an acquired taste to enjoy an oyster. Both its texture and the effort required to pry and clean it from its shell is unattractive to some diners. But when the work is done, oyster-lovers will agree it's all worth it.

There are several different kinds of oysters to choose from: East Coast oysters, West Coast oysters, Gulf oysters, big ones, small ones, briny ones, sweet ones. The preparation possibilities are endless. Purists will say that raw, straight from the shell, with nothing but maybe a spritz of lemon is best. But oysters can make incredible soups and stews. They are delectable when fried. They take on a different flavor and texture entirely when grilled or roasted.

Whichever way you like them best, we hope you get to enjoy some oysters on this oyster day. Grab a friend for happy hour or pick them up fresh from your local fish shop. Find 25 exquisite recipes below and tell us in the comments which ones you enjoy the most.

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Oyster Recipes