Ozzie Guillen Talks Tough Childhood, Drunken Interviews, and Sean Penn

I recently sat down with Chicago White Sox Manager Ozzie Guillen for an episode of In Depth. The outspoken skipper, who led the White Sox to their 2005 World Series win, holds nothing back while explaining his volatile relationship with General Manager Kenny Williams and where his future stands with the ball club. The native Venezuelan opens up about his tough childhood and the man who influenced him the most as a child. Guillen also tells the surprising story of why he was drunk during both his interviews for the White Sox Manager job and explains why he thinks actor Sean Penn is a loser for his comments on Venezuela.


Ozzie Guillen on being offended actor Sean Penn made a trip to Venezuela, visited with President Hugo Chavez and returned to the U.S. stating Venezuela was in good shape: "He is a loser...When you say our country is in good shape when it's not. He should stay in Venezuela for two years, live when I grow up, to see, first of all how much you survive, because he will be shot..." Watch clip:

Ozzie Guillen on being drunk for both of his interviews for the White Sox manager's job because he was in the middle of the 2003 World Series celebrations with the Marlins: "They might have thought I was tired because of the 3 hour flight early in the morning...When the interview was over 'congratulations you're the manager of the White Sox,' but unbelievable, somebody have a big interview for a job and they show up 50 percent right." Watch clip:

Ozzie Guillen discusses his relationship with General Manager Kenny Williams and how their disagreements almost led to a physical fight. Watch clip:

Ozzie Guillen speculates about his future as the White Sox Manager: "If you don't want me here I'll leave. If you think I'm not the man for this organization I'll leave. I want the best for the White Sox. I don't want the best for Ozzie Guillen. I'd rather this organization go in the right way, than go in the wrong way with me." Watch clip:

Ozzie Guillen also comments on why he is always so outspoken, claiming people don't like to hear the truth. He also says he sometimes feels like the "Major League Baseball Piñata." Watch clip:

Ozzie Guillen describes the thrill of the 2005 Championship and why he vomited after losses towards the end of that season. Watch clip:

Ozzie Guillen on some of the people who have been most influential in his life. Watch clip:

Ozzie Guillen on killings, cocaine, prostitutes - what he saw growing up in Venezuela. Watch clip:

The full Ozzie Guillen episode (the clips contain bonus content unable to make the full episode due to time constraints):

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