Pacman Google Logo (VIDEO, PICTURE): Doodle Celebrates 30th Anniversary Of Iconic Game

Pac Man Google Logo VIDEO, PICTURE: Doodle Celebrates 30th Anniversary Of Iconic Game

Pacman is taking over Google!

The iconic arcade game celebrates its 30th anniversary on May 22, and Google has created a one-of-a-kind Pacman Google Doodle in its honor.

Google frequently switches up its primary-colored logo in order to celebrate the birthdays and anniversaries of luminaries, pop culture icons, and important innovations (Sesame Street and the barcode have been among the honorees), but the Pacman Google logo is unique in that it is the first playable Google Doodle.

According to Google, the Pacman logo has a total of 256 levels. Users can click the "Insert Coin" button to get the game going, or click it twice to kick-off a two-player game. (See it in action in the video below.) Pacman will be up on Google for a total of 48 hours--from 8AM PT on Friday through Sunday morning. The programmer behind the Pacman Doodle was reportedly the son of a game and pinball technician and used to accompany his father to arcade parlors and help him tinker with the games.

Twitter has exploded with tweets about the interactive Google Doodle. Many are tweeting about how much time they could lose playing the game. For example:

@SlayAlive_News: AHHH!!! Playable Pacman on Google logo! Time waster of the day!!!

@johnnyt: So how much time will be wasted today with Google's Pacman logo game?

@ocugwu: PacMan on! Could there BE a more epic (read: irresistable) time-drain?

How about you? Is it a productivity killer?

See a screenshot and video of the Pacman Google Doodle below, then check out the geekiest Google logos of all time.

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