'Dawson's Creek' Creator Says He Wouldn't Let Pacey Date Teacher Today

Kevin Williamson based Pacey's affair on storyline from his own childhood.

“Dawson’s Creek” turned 20 on Saturday, and while series creator Kevin Williamson says he has no regrets about the show, there’s at least one thing he would have done differently if he were making the teen drama today.

Specifically, Williamson told the Hollywood Reporter he wouldn’t include the student-teacher sexual relationship between Pacey Witter, the character played by Joshua Jackson, and, Tamara Jacobs, played by Leann Hunley.

“If I was writing the show today I probably would not have it in the story,” he said.

The relationship presented some challenges for Jamie Kellner, who was the president of The WB network at that time, Williamson said.

Kellner “didn’t say we couldn’t do it but he was the father figure who would come in and ask, ‘How long is this storyline going to last?’” Williamson said. “We told him six episodes and he responded: ‘OK, that’d be a good thing.’” 

Read Williamson’s entire interview with the Hollywood Reporter here.



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