Package Guard Adds Layer of Protection to Front Porch Delivery

Technology has changed the way we live our lives. This is exponentially more noticeable during the holiday season. Instead of fighting mall traffic, we’re weaving through web traffic, without the headache of sparse parking and long, aggravating lines. We think of a gift idea, order it on Amazon, and within minutes, we’ve crossed a task off our list that might normally take hours. But there’s one downside: We’re often leaving various unsecured, valuable packages on our front porches – easy work for petty thieves looking for a quick score in a culture dense in digital commerce. There’s a new product on the market that takes a simplified approach to solving this problem.

Package Guard is a frisbee-sized device that is placed on your porch and seamlessly connects to your home Wi-Fi network, notifying you when a package arrives, and emitting a piercing siren if a package is removed by an unauthorized person. The device also sends notifications to you (and whichever family members or neighbors you designate) if a package has been removed.

The idea for the product was born out of, you guessed it, theft. Two years ago, Founder Michael Grabham had a box of coats stolen off his porch, which was meant for his non-profit organization benefitting Seattle’s homeless, Survive the Streets. Out of a negative came a positive, as Grabham created Package Guard and donates a portion of each device sold to this charity.

In short, Package Guard is a safe idea that aims to be to packages what car alarms have become to automobiles – a simple way to make your most valuable possessions less desirable to thieves.

To see what other people are saying about Package Guard, or to order one for yourself, visit their homepage.

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