Packers Fake Field Goal Touchdown: Tom Crabtree Scores On Toss From Tim Masthay (VIDEO)

This play was never not going to be talked about. It was either going to be celebrated or whomever called it was going to be castigated. In this case, fortune favored the bold.

With points hard to come by as halftime approached in the "Thursday Night Football" matchup between the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears at Lambeau, the home team dug deep into the playbook and pulled out a boom-bust gem that changed the tone of the game. After setting up for a field goal attempt on 4th and 26 from the Bears' 27-yard line, the Packers relied on a bit of misdirection to score the first touchdown.

Packers punter Tim Masthay took the snap and then deftly flipped the ball to reserve tight end Tom Crabtree. While Crabtree burst through a hole opened up in the right side of the line, kicker Mason Crosby peeled out to the left flank. With the Bears caught off guard, Crabtree roared all the way to the endzone to stake the Packers' to a 10-0 lead.

That's right. In a game featuring Aaron Rodgers and Jay Cutler, the first TD pass came from a punter. With 26 yards needed for the first down and the endzone 27 yards away, this play was all or nothing all the way. The Packers got it all and never really looked back, holding on for a 23-10 win.

"That's a gutsy call. It worked out." Rodgers told Alex Flanagan of the NFL Network, with what appeared to be a smirk, on the field after the game. "It worked. I mean, we had to score. Luckily, the look was perfect and it fooled them enough. I mean, he had a convoy into the endzone. That was a big play for us."




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