Packers' New TikTok Raises Questions After Dallas Cheerleader's Accusations

In a recent video, most of the Packers said they wouldn't trust any of their teammates to date their sister.
Green Bay Packers players huddle after a Dec. 11 game with the New York Giants.
Green Bay Packers players huddle after a Dec. 11 game with the New York Giants.
Adam Hunger via Associated Press

One day after a member of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders accused Green Bay Packers players of being disrespectful and yelling in her face during a playoff game, the Packers posted a TikTok surveying their own players about which of their teammates they’d let date their sister.

Most of the players couldn’t name a single one.

“All these guys are dirtbags,” one player says in the video, which has more than 11 million views. “None of them.”

In the comments section, some people called the video funny, while others were confused about why the Packers would want to advertise something like this.

“As a sister I feel both protected and sad,” one person wrote.

“It kind of makes you think about what goes on behind closed doors,” said TikTok user @jellybellyelley in a video of her own, which now has more than 2 million views. “These people know their teammates the absolute best. You know, that whole ‘locker room talk’? How they speak about women, how they move about the world, the culture that they cultivate. And the majority of them said ‘no one.’ They would trust no one with someone that they loved. Does that not scare anyone a little bit?”

The Packers posted their video on Jan. 18, one day after Darian Lassiter, a cheerleader with the Cowboys, said on TikTok that Packers players had confronted her and her teammates and yelled in their faces during a Packers-Cowboys playoff game last week.

“I have never experienced such disrespect from the other teams’ players to the cheerleaders in my five years as an NFL cheerleader,” Lassiter said in her video.

A representative for the Packers did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Other TikTokers weighed in on the Packers’ video, including user @makeup_ghost_, who asked: “What have you seen your teammates do that would make them unworthy of dating your sister?”

Packers safety Jonathan Owens recently drew backlash for claiming he wasn’t aware of who Simone Biles was when they first met. Owens and Biles, the most decorated gymnast of all time, are now married.

During a podcast appearance with Biles on “The Pivot,” Owens also described himself as “the catch” in their relationship, because “the man” is always “the catch.” Social media users quickly called him out.

“The Simone Biles husband thing is an extreme example of what we already know,” one person wrote on X, the former Twitter. “Women can excel at the highest levels ― transcend the highest levels. And some mediocre dude will say outloud his mere existence in a male dominated space is equal to or greater than her achievements.”

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