Adam 'Pacman' Jones On Jeff Fisher, Titans Parting Ways: 'The Dumbest Move Ever'

Adam "Pacman" Jones weighed in on the Tennessee Titans coaching situation on Friday, telling Yahoo Sports that parting ways with Jeff Fisher is a mistake.

"I have no idea why they [fired him]. It's gotta be the dumbest move ever," the Cincinnati Bengals cornerback said. "But that's how they do things in Tennessee. It can be very weird down there. I still can't believe it."

Jones, who was Tennessee's first-round pick in the 2005 draft, explained he and Fisher had a "father-son relationship."

"He never turned his back on me," said Jones. "He came to my house several times. I could go to him and talk to him about anything. And I did. I got to a point in Tennessee where I ran out of options on my own and I turned to him. Coach Fisher was a great person. Great about caring, great about calling. Can't get any better than him."

The Titans announced on Thursday that Fisher, who was the longest tenured coach in the NFL, will no longer be the head coach of the team.