Paco Leon Tweets Nude Picture To Celebrate 1 Million Twitter Followers (NSFW) (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

What would you do for a 1 million Twitter followers? For Spanish comedian and actor Paco León the answer is simple -- pose nude.

Last week, the 38-year-old star tweeted a picture of himself by the beach with nothing but his birthday suit to celebrate reaching the 1 million milestone. León had promised to bare it all for fans in Spain but the the photo has begun to receive plenty of attention on this side of the Atlantic.

On Thursday, the actor best known for his role as Luisma on the Spanish comedy series “Aída,” posted the photo on Twitter with the following message.

“You asked for it, I promised you and here it is: #weare1million.”

Check out the photo below (we kept it PG-13 but you can check out the unblurred version here):

paco leon nude

Later the actor also tweeted a video titled “Paco León: 1 million friends” in which he joyfully sings about his new Twitter friends whilst surrounded by the site's iconic blue birds.

(Check Out The Video Above)

“I don’t want to sing alone, I want to a chorus of little birds,” the Spanish actor sings amid antics. “I want to have one million friends so that I sing even louder.”



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