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Paco Peregrin: "Beautiful Monster"

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Fusing hyper-real futurism with high-end beauty images, Paco Peregrin's style has earned him credibility as one of the most exciting photographers working in advertising, beauty, art and fashion today. His unmistakable signature belies his background in design, communication, theatre and painting. Paco's photography carries a perfect blend of sensuality with avant-garde.

Paco Peregrin was born in Almeria, Spain. He is a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Seville University and extends his formation in image and new means of expression in prestigious institutes such as International Center of Photography (NYC), Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design (London), etc.... He publishes for numerous magazines such as Vanity Fair (Italy), Glamour (Spain), Elle and many more. Paco Peregrin lives in Madrid and his work has been exhibited in many countries.

All photos that integrate Beautiful Monster allude to a very particular concept of beauty (sometimes unusual, alien or even beautifully monstrous), to its ephemeral nature and the passage of time. Naked men and women are on a neutral background where makeup comes great prominence, even avoiding the recognition of the models, thus reflecting on the idea of identity and a proposal for the makeup as a contemporary mask that protects us, on the one hand like a camouflage and the other helping us to build a super-ego.
~~Paco Peregrin
Beautiful Monster
Courtesy Paco Peregrin Art on the Edge 2011, Vered Gallery, East Hampton , NY Beautiful Monster, opening 2012, Visionairs Gallery, Paris