Pacquiao v Margarito. Please Don't Reward a Scoundrel!

Manny Pacquiao is without a doubt one of the greatest fighters in the history of professional boxing. His talent in the ring may only be surpassed by his enormous generosity and love of the people of his native Philippine Islands. Many people can learn something very valuable from Manny Pacquiao

He fights all comers and always without question gives the fans their monies worth. To this I say -- Thank you and much respect, Sir.

But his team's decision to fight Antonio Margarito on Nov. 13th has me scratching my head.

A fight with Manny Pacquiao is a gift from heaven. The opportunity, media exposure and financial win-fall are life altering and truly the chance of a lifetime. With rare exception win, lose or draw the guaranteed pay day is usually more than most fighters will make in their entire career... not to mention a single fight.

For all but one fighter on the planet Manny is doing a great favor to any fighter by presenting them with a contract to fight him. He is truly blessing them... and the entire boxing world (including that fighter) knows it.

Why... Why... Why would Manny Pacquiao bless a fighter like Antonio Margarito?

Margarito was exposed, before the Mosley fight, loading his hand wraps with plaster of Paris, the white stuff that orthopedic surgeons (like me) have traditionally used to make those heavy casts. This was not merely a violation of the rules but potentially placed his opponent in a life-threatening or altering situation.

Can you imagine a professionally trained fighter beating someone with two plaster casts?

He was suspended from boxing in the US for one-year but continued to fight internationally as if he did nothing wrong.

This is the same man (and I use that word begrudgingly) that pummeled Miguel Cotto into bloody submission with what many now suspect were similarly tainted hand wraps.

Why Team Pacquiao would now bless such a scoundrel can only be reasonably explained by greed and should be considered an embarrassment to his proud family name.

Manny Pacquiao you are a better man than that! Please don't let your honorable legacy be tainted by rewarding Antonio Margarito.