Padel Player Crashes Through Glass Wall In Bizarre Accident

The shattering collision happened during a match in Portugal.

A padel player crashed through the glass wall of the court during a match on Saturday― but incredibly sustained no serious injury, according to a report.

Paquito Navarro had to retire from the match and was treated at a hospital for cuts after the glass-shattering accident during the Oeiras Valley Portugal Padel Masters.

The World Padel Tour said Navarro’s “health isn’t in danger.”


“I’m doing better than you’d think, judging by the images,” Navarro told the tour. “I’ll be back soon, diving head first for every ball.”

Padel, a combination of tennis and squash usually played on a court enclosed by four glass walls, is “not a dangerous sport,” he added. “I’ve spent my life on a court and this has never happened to me. I’ve suffered an accident that could have happened to anyone.”

Navarro gave the thumbs-up in a photo posted by journalist Jose Morgado the next day.