Padi Restaurant In Trouble Over Racial Slurs And Offensive Posts On Social Media

Offensive posts and comments are rampant on the internet, but they don't make for particularly good business when associated with a restaurant. A Delaware eatery is learning this after derogatory comments and inappropriate photos popped up on its social media accounts earlier this month.

The News Journal reports that someone recently posted racial slurs and photos of receipts with low tips on Facebook and Instagram accounts associated with Padi Restaurant in Hockessin. The accounts have since been removed, but Daily Mail posted screen captures of the offensive posts.

Among the photos in question is an image of a paid bill of $53.80 with a tip of $5.20, which is less than 10 percent, from a customer with an Indian surname. It was accompanied by the caption, "What do you expect from a last name like that? Sand ni****s will never change #cheap #jew." Another reads, "Cheap a**, order takeout and eat it at the bar. #notip #monday #cheap #trash." Other posts, on both Facebook and Instagram, took shots at additional customers deemed to have tipped unsatisfactorily. Many were accompanied by hashtags including #deuchbag and #hillbillies.

Several images originated on the fumanchu85 Instagram account, which belongs to Padi manager Aaron Kwan. Kwan, the nephew of Padi owner Eve Teoh, denies that he was behind the images. Teoh initially backed up her nephew and offered apologies:

“I don’t think Aaron wrote that. It was probably the waiters. It’s a family business. He would care about business. Now, if I figure out who will do this, I will fire them. ... All I can do is apologize to the customers."

According to a more recent News Journal article, Kwan has since been placed on indefinite unpaid leave. According to the restaurant's lawyer, Teoh is holding Kwan responsible but believes other people may have been involved. The posts have resulted in some reduced business, but nothing too catastrophic, and the restaurant plans to offer training to remaining employees to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Watch NBC's report on the offensive messages below.

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