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Paella Recipes: How To Make The Spanish Dish (PHOTOS)


Paella, a signature Spanish dish, is a specialty of Valencia. During the summer there, crowds of people come together for a big paella party -- you'll see an entire village gathered in the square watching a giant paella being made. It's really the perfect dish to make at home, because it can please an entire crowd of family and friends. We're here to show you it's easier than you think.

The key ingredient in paella is rice, usually bomba rice, which in the paellera (paella pan) forms a crusty layer called soccarat -- that's the prized piece everyone fights for. Paellas come in many different types: In Valencia there's the classic version, made with rabbit, snails, and beans, and there's the seafood version, which can include clams, mussels, squid, shrimp and lobster. Outside of Valencia, especially here in the States, you'll find mixed paellas, which blend seafood and meats, such as chicken and/or chorizo sausage. And there's also vegetarian paella! Check out the recipes below.

Chorizo Paella

Paella Recipes

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