'Page Eight' Teaser Released, Bill Nighy, Rachel Weisz And Ralph Fiennes Star In Spy Film (WATCH)

Even though the beloved "Harry Potter" series is over, it doesn't mean some Hogwarts-dwellers won't be sharing anymore screen time.

Just this time, it's without the wands.

Ralph Fiennes, Michael Gambon AND Bill Nighy, who played the noseless villain Voledmort and wise Professor Dumbledore and the grizzled Ministry of Magic, are teaming up for the new espionage thriller, "Page Eight."

From David Hare, this contemporary spy film follows Nighy as he tries to uncover the clues left behind from his departed friend and impress his beautiful next door neighbor, Rachel Weisz.

The newly released teaser reminds us of another British spy thriller--but, hey, the more the merrier!