Paging Americans: Where the hell are you?

At what point does police brutality against an African American minister inside the halls of Congress become news and inspire a call to action? Is it after 8 police officers take him down for standing in line waiting to see members of Congress? Is it after he is rushed to the hospital? Is it after he is charged with assaulting a police officer, which is a felony? At what point do Americans, especially African Americans, think this is an important news story and an important reason to drop everything to head to DC?

What about African Americans of visibility, where are you? P. Diddy is in the Hamptons. Senator Obama is on the campaign trail. Oprah Winfrey is doing her show. Even Mos Def, whom I respect for his defense of human rights, is MIA. Is there no one left to stand up for this man other than a former Soviet refugee, white, Jewish woman with a pen? I am here. Where the hell are you America?

Watch the video of Rev.Lennox Yearwood being assaulted, then ask yourself why you are not in DC standing with him?

If you are not here standing with one man, then you have given up your own liberty.