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This Woman Dunked An Egg Beater In Lava And Got Arrested

The lava flow currently creeping across Hawaii Island’s Puna region is luring residents to the flow front like moths to a flame.

But while some onlookers sat in lawn chairs outside police-enforced barricades, patiently waiting to see the flow cross the street, Puna resident Ruth Crawford drove to a lobe of the flow to see it firsthand. She and friends allegedly trespassed on county property and dunked a bunch of household objects -- like golf clubs, forks, coins and an egg beater -- into the lava for fun.

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ruth crawford lava mixer

After telling the media about the adventure, Crawford and her friend Stephan Paul Koch were arrested and charged with second-degree criminal trespassing. They were released on $250 bail.

Crawford, who is 59 years old, told HuffPost that she’s embarrassed now and acknowledged that, “We shouldn’t have done it and feel awkward because we got arrested. … It’s really rich to be my age and have my mugshot on the Internet.”

The lava might be slow-moving, but officials warn it's still plenty dangerous. Unpredictable methane gas explosions can shake the ground and throw debris into the air. If a lava onlooker lost his or her balance, officials warn, he or she could fall into the 2,000-degree lava.

Crawford, it seems, wasn't thinking about those dangers. She told reporters that she went, “Just because it's lava and I've been here 23 years and I was kind of excited and scared and just wanted to do it."

We can all learn a lesson from Ruth. If the cops catch you throwing a hand mixer into the Puna lava flow right now, they'll tell you to beat it.

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