This Woman Gets Paid To Erotically Sit On Cakes. Here's What Her Life Is Like.

Lindsay Dye has found a satisfying way to make money and art on her own sweet terms.

Lindsay Dye has a lot of jobs. She’s a cam girl, a sex worker, an artist and, in a role that combines all of those jobs, she’s also a cakesitter.

What, you may be asking, is a cakesitter? Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like: People log on to Dye’s chat room and pay money to watch her bake a cake and then ... erotically sit on it.

Dye first began her career as a cakesitter when someone asked her to sit on ― and crush ― her cat.

Of course I didn’t do it,” she told me during our interview for the latest episode of “D Is For Desire,” HuffPost’s love and sex podcast. “But I was interested in [learning], is this a troll or is this an actual fetish that I can figure out and delve into and somehow satisfy this person without sacrificing my own beloved pet?”

That led her to another fetish, “sploshing,” which involves people covering themselves in foods ― like baked beans or whipped cream ― for the sexual pleasure of another person. Sploshing, or “wet and messy play,” doesn’t involve hurting animals, and Dye saw the potential for taking something innocent and meaningful to many people, like cake, which often accompanies celebratory occasions, and making it the star of her webcam show.

I chatted with Dye about exactly what goes on during one of her cakesitting sessions, what happens when she takes her show out of the cam room and into the real world, and some of the occupational hazards of rolling around in all of that sugar and butter:

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