Pain vs. Suffering

Pain vs. Suffering
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Paulo Coelho said once that if you follow your heart in life, you will not have regrets.
You will be defeated, you will suffer, but you will not have regrets.

You know what you most value in life.
You know what brings you meaning.
As long as you are alive, you know what brings you joy because that's the voice of Spirit talking to you. Spirit will never leave you, and always answers your questions.
But you do have the choice to not listen.
You know your truth and you know what your will is.

Pain shows up every time you deny, ignore or rationalize away your will and your truth. Pain is unbearable because truth is denied and lies are made real in your mind.
"I want to travel but..." "I want to work with children, but..." "I want to help others, but..."
But creates pain.

Pain leads to anxiety, anger and depression. Pain leads to abuse, drinking and violence. Why don't they take pain away? Because your truth cannot be denied. Is that simple. Suffering leads to love and understanding because you are aware of truth and also embrace it in others.

If you live in pain too long, it becomes part of your body. Suffering is only temporary.
When you fully embrace the truth of who you really are, pain goes away instantly.
Suffering might show up but will come as nothing more than small blows you receive along the way.

What do you chose?

Your friend,
Dr. Dragos

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