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7 Paint-Dipped Crafts That Are So Easy To Make, You'll Be Shocked At Your Skills (PHOTOS)

Believe us -- these aren't those intimidating projects you've seen on Pinterest.

Sometimes the DIYs we come across on Pinterest are stunningly beautiful, but look extremely complicated to make ourselves. We prefer to just appreciate those projects via our computer screens. But, these paint-dipped crafts are the exception. Not only are they fabulous and colorful, they are super easy to create. And we're not lying.

So, take a look at the inspiration below and grab an accessory that needs a fresh new look. After a quick dunk in your favorite hue, you won't even recognize it.

6. Flower Vases
paint dipped crafts
Photo by Curbly

Be sure to check out our other great crafts in our slideshow below.

Gilded Moleskine Journal

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