This Instagram Artist Is The Bob Ross Of Mixing Paints

ASMR enthusiasts, enjoy.

i show u

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Artist Iris Nan has a way with paint. On her Instagram account, she records seconds-long videos of herself mixing paint with a palette knife. They are short, simple and, according to her followers, crazy relaxing.

The comments below one of her videos range from "this is so calming to watch" to "More pleaaase it's so therapeutic and amazing" to "CAN SPEND HOURS WATCHING HER PAINT MIXING VIDS." ASMR enthusiasts, you probably recognize the feelings.

The acronym stands for autonomous sensory meridian response, and it occurs when certain noises or visuals send a euphoric tingle down a person's scalp and spine, literally making them feel good. As it turns out, there are YouTube videos devoted to the ASMR felt while listening to "paint sounds."

Followers' love of Los Angeles-based fashion student Nan's videos is similar to the fandom that follows King Blotto III, a calligraphist/Instagrammer who amuses people with his short clips of pens on paper. If you're looking for a quick yet significant break from work today, try watching Nan mix paint with the calming presence of Bob Ross.

As good ol' Ross once said,"You have to allow the paint to break to make it beautiful."

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hi im emotionally challenged

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