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Make A Paint Splattered Vase As A Throwback To The '80s

And it's so fun to make!
01/17/2013 08:33am ET | Updated December 6, 2017

Our favorite DIYs are the ones that we're not only proud of when they've been completed but they're also really fun to make. And there are few things more fun than the technique used to make these paint splattered vases by Madigan Made.

This blogger used glass paint in a bright color combination reminiscent of the '80s and got a little crazy flinging it onto some inexpensive glassware she had at home. When you try this yourself, just make sure you put some paper down beforehand or do this craft outdoors, so your whole house isn't covered in zany flecks.

paint splattered vase
Photo courtesy of Madigan Made

Head over to Madigan Made for the full tutorial, and check out our other craft ideas in the slideshow below.

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