The Idiot's Guide To Identifying Classic Paintings

Can you tell a Rembrandt from a Caravaggio? Or a Rubens from a Michelangelo? If you answered no, have no fear. There's a quick and painless guide to the subtle differences between history's greatest painters, readily available to all art novices.

Originally posted on The Meta Picture, this visual tour takes readers through some of the greatest artists of all time, explaining their stylistic quirks in terms anyone can understand. Some are more obvious, like Picasso's penchant for nontraditional facial features, while others are more subtle, such as the differences in lighting in El Greco and Rembrandt's work. Better still, the pithy explanations are hilarious, making art history more enjoyable than you ever remembered.

This witty guide does not cover all of the most influential artists, with Vermeer, Velasquez, and Van Gogh among the missing masters. Still, if you're in a pinch to study for your art history final or just want to impress a date at a museum, it will give you a solid foundation to stand on.

Check out the full guide below.