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Painters' Table: Top 10 Best Posts: May 2012

Artists are growing more ambitious about their part in the art conversation. Enjoy the mix of great painting posts presented here.
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Artists are growing more ambitious about their part in the art conversation. They're blogging about exhibitions that matter to them, filming studio visits, and engaging each other in critical dialogue on blogs and social media. The painter Jeffrey Collins is working on a feature-length film that will update Emile de Antonio's seminal film Painters Painting and has already completed interviews with artists and curators including Joseph Marioni and Klaus Kertess. In Brooklyn, artist Julie Torres recently organized an exhibition of works by an international group of artists connected via Facebook. The show that resulted, All Together Now, was a highlight of the recent Bushwick Open Studios. Several of the artists in the exhibition maintain blogs and many have been featured recently on blogs including Painters' Table.

This month's popular posts on Painters' Table include an insightful article on the paintings of Stanley Whitney and Jacqueline Humphries by Barry Schwabsky in The Nation and Maria Calandra's studio visit with emerging artist Ariel Dill on the blog Pencil in the Studio. An essay on the figurative paintings of Kyle Staver and Anne Harris by eminent curator Carl Belz was of significant interest to our readers as was a photo tour of painting exhibitions in Chelsea posted by painter Elisabeth Condon on her blog Raggedy Ann's Foot. This compelling combination of artists and more established critics and curators makes today's conversation around painting come alive.

Enjoy the mix of great painting posts below. You can find more everyday at -- the magazine of the painting blogosphere.

Painters' Table: Top Ten Best Posts, May 2012