Painters' Table: Top 10 Best Posts: March 2012

March meant art fairs in New York and the debut of the 2012 Whitney Biennial. Unsurprisingly, people were curious -- not only about what art was on view, but specifically, what kind of painting they could expect to see. Fortunately, art bloggers provided a virtual window into the fairs and the paintings they featured. The Biennial included a room dedicated to the paintings of Forrest Bess (1911 - 1977) curated by artist Robert Gober. Contemporary Biennial painters included Andrew Masullo, Nicole Eisenman and Richard Hawkins.

Meanwhile, in-depth interviews and studio visits continued to be a core contribution of artist bloggers. Artists speak the same language, that of the studio, which enables them to ask questions that get beyond basic biography and into the how and why of an artist's work. They are also studied observers, whose camera lenses often bypass finished work to focus on studio details -- lending unique visual insight into artistic practice.

In the following 10 posts, enjoy virtual visits to the Whitney, the Armory Art Fair, artists' studios and some great exhibitions. You can find more everyday at -- the magazine of the painting blogosphere.

Painters' Table: Top Ten Best Posts, March 2012