Pajama Jeans For Men Are A Thing That Exists (PHOTOS)

Do you need a last minute holiday gift for that special fellow in your life? Boy, are we glad you're reading this post.

Charm your sweetie this year with a pair of casual trousers designed to artfully compliment the male frame. Ok, fine, they're pajama jeans for men.

Much like the stylish PJ jeans made for us ladies, the men's pajama jeans -- oh, excuse me, "knit jean lounge pants" -- spotted by The Stir on the online shopping site Lakeside Collection radiate comfy cool. Or something.

One pair features edgy trompe l'oeil rips in the front, so your man can feel like a badass even when he's flopped on the couch watching the Giants. A second kind ("dark wash") has -- get this -- built-in boxers peeking out, to achieve that so-cool saggy pants look without actually, I don't know, wearing underwear.

These show-stopping slacks can be yours for only $12.95 each. How many are you going to order?

See the PJ jeans below (so sexy!) and read more over at The Stir.