This Pajama Program Brings Comfy Nights To Kids Everywhere

Everybody deserves a pair of PJs.

Today we’re posting live from a special #SleepRevolution JetBlue flight from New York to Las Vegas, along with special guests including experts in sleep and wellness. And as it turns out, some of our passengers are sleep experts in their own right...

Genevieve Piturro knows the secret to a comfy night's sleep.

Over the last 15 years, the "former workaholic" has delivered more than four million pairs of brand-new pajamas and books to children across the U.S.

Her goal, she says, is to introduce a cozy bedtime ritual to kids in foster homes, shelters and group homes where the future -- even a future as near as where they'll sleep tomorrow -- is uncertain. 

Piturro got the idea for her pajama project in 2001, after the race to build a corporate career left her wanting more. 

"All of a sudden, I was so busy running up the ladder," Piturro told HuffPost. "And I thought, 'Am i missing something important in life?'"

The Pajama Program was born. As its lead, Piturro collects new pajamas and bedtime books from corporate donors, fundraising groups and individuals who are passionate about giving children a cozy night's sleep. 

With 60 chapters across the country, the Pajama Program has donated more than one million pairs of pajamas since 2013, adding to a grand total that reaches over four million. 

Scientifically speaking, the Pajama Program is onto something: A bedtime ritual is indeed critical for a better night's sleep, experts conclude. 

At a HuffPost panel on sleep and wellness, Arianna Huffington spoke to the power of a bedtime "transition ritual" for shifting your mind from a hectic day into a peaceful night's sleep. 

Soothing water from a bath or shower is a "a great demarcation line between your day and night," Huffington said, followed by pajamas reserved just for bedtime and real, hardcover books (not phone screens!). 

Piturro is giving that bedtime ritual to millions of children already. And as luck would have it, she was also the winner of a HuffPost sweepstakes to join our special #SleepRevolution flight from New York to Las Vegas with JetBlue.

Enjoy your flight, Genevieve! It's a pleasure to have you aboard the #SleepRevolution.

The above story was created at 35,000 feet aboard a JetBlue flight chartered in partnership with HuffPost's #SleepRevolution College Tour. JetBlue is an official brand partner of the tour, which aims to provide students (and some lucky plane passengers) with products and demonstrations that can lead to better sleep.



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