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8 Signs You Need New Pajamas

Replacing ripped tights, destroyed sweaters and ratty-looking shoes is always a priority -- we can't go around looking completely disheveled and messy. But when it comes to our pajamas, we let things get bad -- like, really bad -- before we take action.

No one is going to see us in them, we reason. They are simply for lounging, we tell ourselves. But while we can try and justify stained pj's all we want, it might be nice to own a pair that we're not embarrassed to be seen in... by the pizza delivery man.

Here are eight signs you might want to head out to Victoria's Secret this weekend and pick up a new pair of jammies.

1. They have huge rips.

2. They're so old, they still have cartoon characters on them.

3. They are much, much too small.

4. They have feet.

5. They say the name of the university you went to... 15 years ago.

6. You continually find mysterious stains on them -- and you're not sure how they got there.

7. You would die if anyone caught you in them.

8. Basically, if your pajamas scream this:

You need new ones.

Wait, maybe you can wear pajamas in public?

Celebrities in Pajamas

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