Pakistan Earthquake Appears To Form New Island (PHOTO)

LOOK: Deadly Earthquake Forms New Island

A 7.7-magnitude earthquake shook southwestern Pakistan Tuesday, destroying countless houses in the remote region. Though the massive quake was responsible for the deaths of dozens, it seems the seismic event also birthed something else: a new island.

Shortly after the Pakistan earthquake, witnesses said a small island appeared near the port of Gwadar, off the southern coast of the country, according to the Associated Press.

It appears the earthquake caused the seabed near the Gwadar coastline to rise. A rocky formation now juts above the water and is visible from the coast. As NDTV reports, the piece of land is estimated to span about 40 square feet.

Local media outlet Express News captured a photo of the unusual sight, as many residents reportedly gathered along the shore to catch a glimpse of the new landmass.

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