Pakistan Flood Victims Need Your Help

Pakistan Flood Victims Need Your Help

Floods in Pakistan have devastated millions of communities in the northwest regions of the country, leveling homes and leaving families with no where to go.

The floods have killed 1,500 people and left seven million in need of emergency assistance, including medical attention, food and shelter.

In response to the disaster, international aid groups are distributing life-saving supplies to flood victims. The nonprofits working in the region need your help -- several organizations have launched an emergency appeal for donations needed to help Pakistanis.

British Red Cross disaster relief manager Pete Garratt said: "Thousands of people already have lost their homes and livelihoods, crops have been destroyed and whole villages have been washed away.

"Roads and bridges have been affected, leaving some areas cut off, and with the flood levels due to rise there is a risk that many more people could find themselves homeless."

Aid is making its way to victims, but the process is slow and frustrating. Many Pakistanis believe their government has abandoned them, but according to The Los Angeles Times, Pakistani officials claim to be doing all they can.

"Dealing with such a large number of flood victims is not possible by the provincial government alone," said Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information Minister Mian Iftikhar Hussain. "We need the help of the people, the federal government and international donor agencies."

HuffPost Impact has compiled a list of ways to support Pakistani families affected by the floods.

• Secretary of State Hillary Clinton encouraged Americans to donate $10 to Pakistan flood relief by texting "SWAT" to 50555. Clinton said the funds would be used by the United Nations to provide food, water, medicine, tents and clothing to affected families.

• American aid organization Save the Children, which has worked in Pakistan for over 25 years, is providing plastic sheets, hygiene kits and other supplies to children and families in flooded regions. Make a donation to Save the Children's Pakistan Children in Emergency Fund now.

UNICEF has made distribution of clean water their top priority, as the water supply for hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis has been polluted. UNICEF representative Martin Mogwanja estimates that it will take at least three to six months to restore even basic facilities such as sanitation and agriculture. Make a contribution to UNICEF.

• UK-based nonprofit Concern Worldwide is helping displaced families in Pakistan by providing them with food rations, clean water and hygiene kits. Make a donation to support their relief efforts.

CARE is responding to the disaster in Pakistan by providing tents and other emergency supplies to displaced families. The organization is also supporting several mobile health clinics treating the sick and wounded in flooded communities. Support relief efforts with a donation to the organization.

• Poverty relief organization Oxfam is working to bring water, sanitation and hygiene projects to devastated communities in northwest Pakistan. You can support the organization by making a contribution to their Saving Lives 24/7 Fund.

• International Medical Corps deployed six mobile medical units in Pakistan and has already distributed over 10,000 hygiene kits to those in need. Donate to their efforts.

• According to the Mercy Corps website, they are "working to provide clean water, staple foods and clean-up tools to families." A donation of $30 "provides a family with a two-week supply of cooking oil, rice, sugar and other staples." Donate to Mercy Corps.

• The Acumen Fund has worked in Pakistan since 2002 and encourages donations to the following four organizations during the crisis: Rural Support Program Network, Kashf Foundation, International Rescue Committee, The Citizens Foundation.

ActionAid was already stationed in Pakistan when the rains hit, and were among the first organizations to bring food and hygeine kits. They're helping to build shelters in the Upper Swat valley. Make a donation to ActionAid.

• Relief International is providing emergency resources to the Khyber Pukhtunkhwa, Baluchistan and Punjab regions. You can donate a survival kit through their Pakistan Flood Emergency Response Fund online or at 1-800-573-3332.

• Medical relief charity Merlin USA is helping flood victims by airlifting medical teams into inaccessible regions to set up mobile clinics and treat injuries. You can make a donation to the organization's general fund to support their medical relief services.

• The British Red Cross is on the ground in Pakistan, bringing medical services, food, water and shelter to Pakistanis in need. UK citizens can donate online or by phone to support the organization's efforts.

• Flood waters have forced international poverty relief organization BRAC to close 10 of its 12 local offices across Pakistan. BRAC workers are now directing their efforts toward humanitarian aid, distributing water sanitation supplies and food packets to families. The organization also plans to help rebuild houses and latrines in upcoming months. You can contribute by making an online donation or signing up to give a monthly gift.

• British organization Islamic Relief Worldwide has appealed for £2 million to provide water, food and shelter to victims. Donate through their official site.

Music For Relief is providing emergency assistance to Pakistani families in need. You can help by making an online donation -- Music For Relief will match all individual donations given to flood relief up to $10,000.

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