Palacio De Sal, Salar De Uyuni Hotel, Built Entirely Of Salt (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

PHOTOS: Salar De Uyuni's Salt Hotel

Just when you thought you'd seen every type of hotel, there comes a surprise.

Set in the stunningly surreal landscape of Bolivia's Salar de Uyuni salt flat, sits Palacio de Sal, a luxury hotel made entirely of salt.

The roughly 48,000 square-foot hotel has 16 rooms, each resembling igloos due to their salty construction material. Prices start at 85 pounds ($135) per night, according to The Daily Mail.

This isn't the first hotel constructed from its surroundings, though it may be one of the most interesting. Sweden has an ice hotel, as does Quebec (albeit seasonally).

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Palacio de Sal Hotel

Palacio de Sal Hotel