Carl Paladino Misled Voters About Military Record

The New York Post has caught Carl Paladino's campaign in a lie.

Veteran political reporter, Fredric Dicker writes that the campaign's claims about Paladino's military service were incorrect.

From the Post:

Claims by Republican Carl Paladino's campaign that he commanded 250 men at Fort Bliss, Texas, during six months of active Army service in 1971 are false, The Post has found.

Paladino's campaign manager, Michael Caputo, admitted the contentions were wrong after The Post obtained military records showing the Buffalo builder was on active duty for only three months, and was at Fort Bliss for training as a newly commissioned officer in the late summer of 1971, while the Vietnam War was raging.

Caputo originally told HuffPost's New York Editor-at-Large, Dan Collins that Paladino spent "six months active duty with orders for Vietnam" and was "responsible for training 250 men during that time at Fort Bliss."

Dicker previously sparred with Paladino over the gubernatorial candidate's unsubstantiated claims that his opponent, Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, had cheated on his now ex-wife.

Paladino later admitted he had no proof of Cuomo's alleged infidelity.