Soccer Team's 'Skinned Alive' Uniform Could Be The Goriest Ever

There's showing off your muscles, and then there's this.
C.D. Palencia unveiled its new uniform on Thursday night.
C.D. Palencia unveiled its new uniform on Thursday night.

So much for having skin in the game.

The Spanish soccer team Club Deportivo Palencia has a new uniform that makes its players look like they've been flayed alive.

Club officials hope the new look, which the team unveiled Thursday, will help CD Palencia win its upcoming playoffs for promotion from the country’s fourth tier.

Maybe the idea is to scare the other team into submission?

The team's jerseys and shorts are emblazoned with a detailed print of the human musculature. The BBC notes the design could be "straight from a biology book."

The uniforms were devised by Juan Francisco Martin, who also came up with Cultural Leonesa's equally bizarre tuxedo-themed soccer garb in 2014, according to The Independent.

CD Palencia's new look appears to be a riff on the expression "dejarse la piel," or "give skin," meaning to give 100 percent.

Let's just hope they don't have to take on these guys in a fight.