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Paleo Blueberry Chocolate Macaroons For Epic Snacking

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These paleo blueberry chocolate macaroons are bursting with sweet wild blueberries and dipped in creamy dark chocolate. They make for an easy, no fuss paleo dessert!


Let’s discuss the difference between macaroons and macarons. Macaroons, like these, are a basically a bunch of coconut held together by egg whites. Sometimes dipped in chocolate and adorned with cutesy little chopped nuts, ginger (like these dark chocolate orange dipped macaroons), or whatever else you want to sprinkle on that chocolate while it sets.

Macarons, on the other hand, are a really impossible to pronounce (when you never took a day of French in your life), temperamental and fragile French sandwich cookie of sorts. They involve precise measurements, perfectly beaten egg whites and a lot of staring at the oven praying they’ll bake up and grow their trademark “feet”. They line bakery shop store front windows in their pretty pastel colors, but don’t let that cutesy appearance fool you, they can throw even an experienced home baker into a fit of rage when sheet after sheet come out hollow, cracked, footless or just flat.

I may or may not have had some experience with that (how not to make macarons). Almost three years later, I can finally see the comedy in that post. At the time, I wanted to scream, cry and punch the French person who first created them square in the face.


Since that poignant April day, I’ve stuck to the former, macaroons. They’re the kind of cookie that never gives you problems. There’s no nerve wracking oven-staring necessary, and unlike macarons, they’re actually very easily adaptable to a paleo friendly diet. Try to substitute maple syrup for sugar in a macaron and your world will likely fall apart. The same substitution in macaroons, however, is a simple swap. They’re a chill cookie and when it comes to baking, I’m all about that.

These paleo macaroons are filled with wild blueberries that not only give them a really awesomely funky color but a bit of a superfood health boost too so you can now justify eating half the batch yourself. #doingitformyhealth Duh



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