Palestine: The Story of Life and Death of Peace

On a personal level, I disagree with violent acts. I do believe that everyone has the right to live. Yet, the Palestinians also have the right to live as equal as the Israeli citizens and Israeli settlers. This is the real reason of the attacks. Netanyahu and his government are responsible for killing both the Israeli and the Palestinian children and civilians
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The Palestinians feel frustrated and hopeless. Everything is static and nothing is moving to solve the Palestinian question, and ending the ongoing occupation in the Middle East. In 1970s, Robert Ames, the CIA Officer who was in contact with PLO knew that the more the Palestinians are hopless; and with Israel and the International Community keep the status quo as it is, the more likely the Palestinians would go back to violence to get the world's attention and incite the world community to act.

Mr. Ames hoped that the United States would put more pressure on Israel to be more flexible. Ames was trying to keep the group, "Black September" calm, but other extremisms (as he call them at the time) such as PFLP and DFLP are ready to move. He argues that he had spoken to few leaders of PFLP and their reasons to act violently were convincing. Ames was the first and considered to be one of peace process early engineers in the Middle East. He was killed in Beirut's U.S. embassy attack in 1983.

More than three decades passed and the Palestinians still fight for justice, freedom and the right of self-determination. They are disappointed by the international community that failed them. After more than twenty years of Oslo Accord, and more than thirty-five years since the US president, Reagan, the Palestinian question has to be solved, and Israeli settlements' expansion in the occupied territories since 1967 has to be terminated. The scene seems to be the ugliest scenario that have been drawn thirty years ago.

In early July, Israel announced their bids for new 1300 house in settlements in the occupied Palestine. These actions not only frustrate the Palestinian leadership, but also give a room for whoever says that Israel is going to swallow our lands anyway, and therefore, we will fight by all means. A report shows that Israel spends considerably more on a West Bank settler than it does on a resident of the outlying Negev or Galilee regions, and twice as much as it does on a resident of the center. In 1993, there were only around 100,000 settlers in the West Bank, while in 2015, there are more than half Million Israeli settlers, accompanied with a war machine that violates human rights on daily bases, making the life of the Palestinian unbearable. This shows clearly that Netanyahu and Israel are not interested in the peace process, abandoning their policy of annexing the Palestinian lands. If they were really interested in peace, why would they continue settlements expansion at the account of the Palestinians? Isn't that an enough reason to transfer the feeling of frustration and hopelessness into a violent act and defending the Palestinians and the Palestinian lands?

The recent report by the Quartet committee is betraying the Palestinians and their right to self-determination. It refers to "Palestinian violence and incitement" as a more important catalyst to the perpetuation of the conflict than Israel's settlement activities. This report can be named as the " Report of Peace's Death" in the Middle East, as it shows obviously that the world is not interested in ending the Israeli occupation of Palestine based on the UN security council and UNGA, 242. The report which shows the bias of the UN, USA, EU and Russia is nothing but a slaughtering tool to what they call it peace process and peace, transferring it, virtually, to a meaningless and biased committee. The report failed to show the real reason of the negotiation failure and the current tension between Israel and the Palestinians. This report raised many serious questions concerning the policy within the Quartet itself; that dominates the decisions and writes the reports and why it has no serious and sharp positions against the overgrown settlements in the West Bank, and the daily executions of children and teenagers in the west bank. Why it has no statement concerning the speech of hatred and incitement against the Palestinians in Israeli media, schools and social media webpages?

The ongoing tension and violence is surely a result of Israeli practices. Over the last weeks, Israel executed more than a dozen Palestinians, most of whom were women and children. The practice of execution presses the Palestinians and form in itself as a tool of incitement. Israeli army, which is equipped with the capacities to arrest and control any human being whoever has a knife and can easily manage to arrest dozens of the Palestinians who were accused of attempting to attack the Israeli soldiers, but the orders are to murder. This is the real incitement by acting. What does the world expect from unarmed people to do when they see their sons, daughters, fathers, mothers and elders being killed in front of them and their photos being showed on all social media platforms, and Israeli settlers and radicals films them, saying inappropriate words, and swearing them? This is the real incitement.

The Quartet's report writers are biased and shows how the Quartet is a biased committee dominated by the US. The Palestinians do not have alot of options in their life and in their political doctrine. The armed struggle of the Palestinians from 1960s-1990s has not failed. It has taken the Palestinian from being a non-exist political entity, which was denied by the US and Israel, to a Political entity and people who have the right to self-determination. However, what failed is the peace process, as Israel did not commit to Oslo accord, which aims at establishing a Palestinian state by 1999. This did not happen. The second Intifada was unavoidable as Peace process failed to reach its goals as a result of Israel arrogance and greediness to swallow more lands, and keeping East Jerusalem under its control, which no one will ever accept that from the Palestinian side nor the Arab side . Jerusalem is the red line for the Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims that can not be compromised. Currently, what is left for Palestine is nothing except more frustration, hopelessness and a bomb of pressure that will explode anytime soon. We have been seeing it since October 2015. It is individual, unorganized, fearless, and miscalculated attacks against the Israeli settles in the occupied Palestine and the Israeli occupation forces.

On a personal level, I disagree with violent acts. I do believe that everyone has the right to live. Yet, the Palestinians also have the right to live as equal as the Israeli citizens and Israeli settlers. This is the real reason of the attacks. Netanyahu and his government are responsible for killing both the Israeli and the Palestinian children and civilians. The continuous occupation of the Palestinians is the monster that will eat both the Israeli and the Palestinians. Finally, the Palestinians should be given a visa for hope and dignity, not being falsely accused of crimes and violations. . Palestinians deserve to be treated as human beings, and to have their freedom. Any report, effort or article that diverge from the fact that the current tension and violence is the reason of the Israeli occupation is false and inaccurate.

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