Palestinian Killed In Israeli Airstrike On Journalists' Car

Palestinian Killed In Israeli Airstrike On Journalists' Car

A Palestinian man working for a local news agency in the Gaza Strip was killed on Wednesday night by an Israeli strike on a car full of journalists, according to multiple reports from the war-torn region.

Hamdi Shihab, who was apparently working as a driver for news agency Media 24, was killed in a car marked "TV."

Reporters said that other journalists were also injured in the attack:

Shihab was one of dozens of Palestinians who have been killed by Israeli strikes in the last few days, as violence intensifies following weeks of mounting tension between the two sides. Meanwhile, Hamas has sent scores of rockets into Israel.

Israel's treatment of journalists during periods of conflict has often come into question. On Tuesday, Reporters Without Borders accused the country of "deliberately targeting" media workers. In 2012, Israel was criticized for repeatedly striking buildings where journalists were known to work. Israel said it was targeting Hamas, which it claimed was using the journalists as human shields.

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