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Palin Baby Shocker!

Can we not do this? Let's keep in mind that the person getting picked on here is not the Governor, who signed up for all this crap, but her seventeen year-old daughter. It 'taint right.
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OMG. You clicked looking for more scandalous details about Sarah Palin's possible baby mama drama? How am I going to continue writing now that I lost all respect for you? Ok, fine, I am a hypocrite. I was fascinated for a hot second by the story that OMG U R NOT GONNA BELIEVE THIS!!!!111 Do We Know Who the Momma Is? But really the whole thing is embarrassingly like an IM conversation:

librulgirl44: omfg, you are not going to believe this!
gopsux4reals: hit me.
librulgirl44: Ok, you know that crazy Christian woman from Alaska?
gopsux4reals: o, right, the haha! women must be dumb and gullible chick, hi I'm John McCain and I approved this condescending msg, oops I stared at her ass AGAIN?
librulgirl44: yep.
gopsux4reals: ok.
librulgirl44: dude, she might not even have given birth to her latest womb-booger.
gopsux4reals: um, ok.
librulgirl44: she did all this weird stuff and she didn't look pregnant! And her daughter has a possible baby bump in a picture from 2007.
gopsux4reals: Well, isn't he the runt of the litter anyway? How can we judge based on some skimpy photographic evidence and weird anecdotes? On second thought...this is awesome!
librulgirl44: I know!
gopsux4reals: I mean we might possibly get dragged into an insane psycho drama that if true will only endear Palin to millions of lunatic Christian conservatives & even some soccer moms and if false would make the Bush National Guard fiasco look like nothing, but heck, let's run with it!
librulgirl44: lollercaust! awesome!

Guys, its a loser. Can we not do this? Let's keep in mind that the person getting picked on here is not the Governor, who signed up for all this crap, but her seventeen year-old daughter. It 'taint right.

When we combat conservatives on the basis of their awful ideas or their unprecedented record of failure over the last eight years, we win. When we get dragged into culture wars and let the lizard brain take over, we are playing on conservative turf and they exploit home-field advantage in a way we can only dream of. Less sexy but more important: sex education and attitudes on contraception in extreme fundamentalist households.

There are plenty of great reasons to oppose John McCain and Sarah Palin. McCain has an Ahab like addiction to winning the lost war and Palin is a person who is so intellectually incurious that she said she hadn't thought much about the Iraq War, despite her son being shipped off there soon. PLUS a very serious question about judgment in Josh Marshall's as ever brilliant examination of Palin's abuse of power in brotherinlawgate.

So per the also brilliant Al Giordano's Rules for Bloggicals:

YES: Iraq, economy, infrastructure, world reputation and standing. (Psst: we win on these.)

NO: Making risky decisions about pregnancy, possible crazy Christian conservative gothic drama straight out of Desperate Housewives. (Psst: These...not so much.)

Any questions?

Update: Thanks to the comments, I know that Lee Stranahan has already more effectively expressed his distaste with this story. Read his take if you haven't.

Update #2: Andrew Sullivan thinks the story is worth investigating, and that gives me pause. But I still insist that it should be handled delicately.

Update #3: Sullivan backs down, Kos diary publishes images that seem to quash any further speculation, and, as predictable as clockwork, the headline on Drudge is "Lefty Bloggers Go After Palin's 16 year old Daughter..."

Update #4: Holy shit! The daughter is pregnant. And of course, the McCain sleazeballs are trying to make hay out of the crazy baby story. My early take on the Bristol pregnancy, its the judgment, stupid.

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