Palin-Biden VP Debate Drinking Game

Disclaimer: If you are going to play this drinking game (which I don't recommend), choose a few of the options below. And do not, under any circumstances, try this in public.

Another Disclaimer: You may notice that there are more elements dedicated to Palin than Biden. I don't care. Face it, Palin is way easier than Biden to make fun of.

Every time Palin tries to talk about energy policy: praise your favorite oil company and pour an Alaskan Oil Spill.

When Biden mentions Scranton, PA: Drink a Rolling Rock or similar "working class" beer.

Every time Palin mentions a Moose or says something so stupid you think she might be less intelligent than one: drink a Moosehead beer.

Everytime Biden mentions a foreign leader he has met: sip wine -- every time he mentions a Senator as a friend: drink beer.

When Palin claims she said "Thanks but no thanks" to the Bridge to Nowhere: Demand a new drink from your hosts, say "thanks but no thanks," and then when no one's looking, take it anyway, then claim you never wanted it. (Via)

Every time Palin mentions Joe Six Pack: drink a six pack and a cup of Joe.

Every time Biden says literally: measure out exactly one shot of Absolut.

Every time Palin says she has executive experience: take a shot, to the head.

Every time Sarah Palin suggests Joe Biden's age and/or experience is a negative: toast the 72 year old McCain with an Old Fashioned.

Every time Sarah Palin totally blanks on a question as she did several times in the Katie Couric interview: toss down a Mind Eraser shot (Kahlua, Vodka, and Sprite).

Every time either candidate says something that obviously isn't true: drink a little white lie.

Every time Palin gets a round of applause put on Small Town Girl by Journey and do a double shot of the cheapest liquor in sight.

Every time Palin mentions Alaska, add a few ice cubes to whatever you are drinking.

Every time Palin fidgets and twists her fingers, switch drinks with the person next to you.

Every time Palin mentions Wasilla drink a shot of Jager and howl at the wolves.

If Palin makes a Hockey Mom reference: chug a Candian beer of your choice

Everytime Biden says "Folks": clink glasses/bottles, increasing the number of clinks each time -- ex. the third time he says "folks" you clink three times.

Whenever Palin doesn't know an answer but comes off as adorable: drink a fuzzy navel.

Every time "main street" and "wall street" are uttered in the same sentence, toss back a shot of Courvoisier and chase it with a sip of Old English.

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