Palin Book Tour: My Critics Are Lonely, Shallow And We Need To Pray For Them (VIDEO)


Sarah Palin has never been shy about criticizing her critics. So to start off her book tour for the much anticipated Going Rogue -- itself filled with scathing comments about people who didn't offer her their wholehearted support -- Palin had a few more angry words for her foes.

In an interview with CBN News in Grand Rapids Michigan -- the first stop on the tour -- Palin said her critics were lonely, shallow and in need of prayer.

"These are probably some lonely people, some shallow people who want to take a shot like that and we need to pray for these people for one," Palin said, then added, "we also need to keep things in perspective."

The book tour is scheduled to run through December 7th, and the drama has already been high. Stay tuned for more details.

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