Palin Does Not Understand True Importance of Community Organizers

"What does a community organizer do?" asked Sarah Palin, the Republican vice presidential nominee who possesses so much experience that she has been completely sheltered from the press since the moment she was presented as Sen. John McCain's running mate. A community organizer is someone who if committed has a much more direct and tangible impact on people's (fellow American citizens) lives.

The irony of Palin's ignorance is that during the same speech in which she proclaimed to be a fighter for the "regular American" and introduced her husband as a proud member of the Steelworkers union, she attempted to diminish and belittle the efforts of someone whose first path in public service was to assist many of people she now claims to be fighting for. It was also interesting to hear Rudy Giuliani mock Obama as someone who doesn't know how to run anything and is short on national security judgment. This is an individual who "ran" a campaign which spent 50 million dollars and received 1 delegate. He pushed the appointment of Bernard Kerik as Secretary of Homeland Security -- a man whose recent trial on corruption charges highlighted concerns over whether or not he was even qualified to be N.Y. city police commissioner when then Mayor Giuliani awarded him the promotion from being his personal driver.

The Republican rap on Obama is "he's one of those elitist's". For Palin to diminish his work as a community organizer is to suggest that the citizens who live in the Chicago community in which he worked were not worthy of an advocate. Many of these same citizens who lived in that community were Steelworkers who had watched their jobs move abroad and were left with the uncertainty of how they would adjust in order to make a living, care for their family, and plan for a secure retirement. What was Palin's point when she introduced her husband as a proud member of the Steelworkers Union? She can't have it both ways.