Palin Event Requires Media To Pay Anti-Abortion Group For Access

The latest chapter in Sarah Palin's battle with the lamestream media occurred last night in Austin, Texas, where Palin appeared at a fundraiser for an organization called Heroic Media, a group that seeks to reduce the number of abortions through media outreach and, apparently, a seemingly (so far) unsuccessful effort at gaming Google's search results.

Palin has been steadfast in limiting the number of occasions that the media has access to her Caravan Of Top Dollar Oratory, mainly because there are the odd occasion where the word salad that spills from her mouth does nothing but confuse and enrage listeners. While this anti-choice conclave in Austin was definitely in Palin's wheelhouse, it was announced ahead of time that Heroic Media was going to "try to prohibit video and audio recordings of Palin's appearance."

That didn't mean that the media wasn't allowed to cover the event, however. But, there was a catch! You had to be willing to pony up some scrilla to buy the $50 ticket, the proceeds of which went to support Heroic Media (and, presumably, cover the cost of whatever speaking fee Palin had commanded).

All in all, a pretty neat trick. Ben Armbruster has more.

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