Palin Flirts with America; Biden Wins Debate

Palin Flirts with America; Biden Wins Debate
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The Los Angeles County Young Democrats (LACYD) played host to a very well attended vice presidential debate party at swanky downtown bar Tangier tonight. Attended by more than seventy eager young Dems ready to cheer on the Democratic ticket, the room was eerily quiet as all ears and eyes where focused on the multiple of flat screen tv's.

Just then, Governor Palin said "darn right we need tax relief!" and a young woman yelled out, Darn Right! And the crowd freely burst into laughter.

Waiters passed around appetizers and drinks, while conversations around tables focused on how much Sarah Palin looked like Tina Fey and some wondered out loud how good SNL would be this upcoming weekend.

LACYD President Becca Doten was interviewed by KCAL 9 and said "If you are looking for folksy, that's what Sarah Palin is giving you, she can drop the g's of her words and use the words ya'll and soccer mom and hockey mom, but that doesn't substitute for substance and it doesn't substitute for an understanding for policy or the issues at hand."

Women in the crowd talked about how pretty Governor Palin looked and noticed that her usual bee hive hairdo was a bit more pulled together. Attendees cheered on as Senator Joe Biden answered questions with insight and thoughtfulness.

The LACYD crowd has a good mix of young political heads, most of which made their way to the bar straight from city hall or from other public offices. With a good mix of men, women, and diversity, the crowd quickly made the bar their home turf and engaged in conversation regarding Governor Palin's ability to engage viewers. Some let out whistles in parody of Governor Palin's constant winking to the camera. Simon Rodriguez, a 27 year old Public Policy Major from CSULA exclaimed, "it's like she is flirting with me!"

While most seemed satisfied that Senator Biden did a great job, some thought he could have been a little bit stronger, but acknowledge that Biden had to consider not making Governor Palin uncomfortable and had the bigger task of not saying anything condescending, a la George Bush Sr. to Geraldine Ferraro.

As they clinked glasses and played Palin Bingo and Biden/Palin drinking games, these young Dems agreed that the debate was not the fireworks they anticipated and were already making plans to watch the Obama/McCain debate next Tuesday.

At the end of the debate, it should be noted that while John McCain chose Sarah Palin as his running mate to appeal to the disenfranchised Hillary Clinton supporters, after hearing Palin's doggonit's, you betcha's, Joe 6-pack and hockey mom references, it is clear, that Sarah Palin is no Hillary Clinton. She is however, really good at flirting with the camera and confusing the hell out of Americans listening for answers to questions.

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